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Friends Only


I won't try to be cute or funny here. The rule is simple: if you want to be my friend, you leave a comment here explaining how you found me (community, mutual friend, etc.), and if I get a good vibe from you, I'll add you back. If you add me without any kind of contact beforehand, you won't be added in return. It's not too much to ask.
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Unintentional Hiatus: The Sequel

Wow, that's two days this week that I didn't update at all, and I don't even have a perfectly legitimate excuse for it. If I'm not careful, I'm going to lose my cred as one of LJ's most faithful users! LOL. Actually, I shouldn't say I had no legitimate excuse for not updating yesterday. It was a similar situation to what happened on Monday: I was busy all day, Adam called just when I finally had some down time, and by the time we were done talking, not only was I too tired to really put an update together, but I'd promised myself I'd finally wash my dishes before I went to bed, so that took higher priority than updating the journal did. Anyway, today is going to be the start of yet another weekend where my appearances may be few and far between, so I'm seizing the lunch hour for opportunity!

First of all, happy Friday, everyone! :D This felt like both a long and slow week for me. Even though I managed to stay busy through most of it, I still felt as if it dragged here and there. Maybe that's just me. At least work wasn't too daunting or hectic, and for once, I had plenty to keep me busy. Before anyone asks, no word back yet from University of Chicago or on any of my other more recent applications, but I'm not worried. Maybe I'll hear something next week. Speaking of next week, it's officially less than a week until my trip home! :D I admit that thinking about that has been a big part of helping me get through the week. Stacy posted some adorable pictures of Carly on Facebook yesterday. She's getting so big, and she has the prettiest little baby smile!

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Isn't she precious? <3 I can't believe she's five and a half months old already! It'll be so good to give her squeezes and kisses next week. I'm also curious to see how much Beth's baby bump has grown since the last time I saw her. At some point I'll need to make a trip to Buy Buy Baby, which is where one of her registries is, to finally do some baby shopping. Conveniently enough, it's right next to Road Runner Sports, which is a running gear store. ;D

Speaking of running, I did some last night before I went to Weight Watchers because it had warmed up since Wednesday. I was originally only aiming to do three miles because I thought that was all I'd have time for, so as soon as I got home, I changed quickly and went out the door. I went south on Western, east on Lawrence, north on Clark, and finished by going west down Foster. By the time I was about a block from my apartment, though, I realized I was at 3.63 miles, so what did I do? I ran up and down my street enough times so I could get four! xD I had 4.04 in the end, for that matter. I'm planning to go again tonight after work, so with any luck, I can finish up the twelve I was aiming to get in this week. Fleet Feet put together this training schedule for the Shamrock Shuffle, and I took one with me after the last fun run I went to of theirs. It also includes cross-training, which I'm not really into, so I'm mainly just trying to do the mileage it recommends per week. I don't follow the exact days or distances that the schedule suggests, but last week and the week before, I did enough, so I don't plan on this week being any different.

Unfortunately, my WW report this week isn't so great, although it's not entirely unexpected. I got there when the meeting was about halfway over, and I found out I gained a pound. :P That's what I get for caving in to the Girl Scouts who set their table up behind the cash registers at Jewel last Saturday. Some cookies got tracked, others didn't. This now means I'm back to being four pounds away from reaching my goal weight, and the chances of me doing that in time for the race are pretty slim (no pun intended). Maybe I can still get there by my birthday. I was upset about it for a while last night, which is part of why my phone call with Adam took so long because I got a little snippy with him, which then led to me crying, and that led to a round of Adam assuring me that he thinks I'm beautiful no matter what and I need to not beat myself up so much. I know he's right, especially considering that earlier yesterday, a girl in WRC made a post about how she'd also recently had a less than desirable weigh-in, and I left her a comment saying I knew how she felt and that I'd been there more than once, but I told her she couldn't let herself stay down too long, or else she'd never get back up. I decided I'd better take my own advice. I brought the rest of the Girl Scout cookies to work and left them in the break room. They're nearly gone now, and I haven't eaten any of them myself. I also plan to be pretty active over the next week. In addition to tonight's run, I'm planning to go to Zumba tomorrow and Wednesday, and I've made plans to go running with Brooke and company both Sunday and Monday. (This Monday is Fleet Feet's monthly Pint Night Fun Run, so a bunch of us are going to the Old Town one.)

In other news, I was able to pick up The Scarlet Pimpernel on my way home Wednesday night, and I started reading it yesterday. Brian wasn't kidding when he said it was a quick read. I'm already about 80 pages in, and I keep surprising myself with how much I get read during a single train trip. It's entertaining so far. The discussion is the 26th, so at the rate I'm going, finishing in time shouldn't be much of a problem. I may even finish before my trip.

I hope this is a good weekend ahead of me. After my run tonight, Adam and I are going to a party that Justin and Gina are having. It's an unofficial going-away party; they're leaving their loft in Printers' Row for a spot near McCormick Place, so they'll at least still be in Chicago. We haven't made too many other plans for the rest of the weekend. Last night he said we'd do something fun, but that could mean anything. I think he mainly wants to finish unpacking. Maybe with any luck, we'll get the hook for my curtains up!
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Pimpin' Time!

I saw this on katje0711's journal, and once I actually looked into it, I decided to get in on the action myself! ;D

P.S. Eventually I'll get to a real update for today. Things have just been a little slowed down because once again my computer has come under a virus attack. :P This update is coming to you from the library.
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Say It in Secret:

Stolen from ichbinliebe:

Comment anonymously with...

one secret.
one compliment.
one non-compliment.
one love note [to someone; to anyone].
lyrics to a song.
how old you are.
how long we've been friends.
and a hint to who you are.
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Some Bonds Are Meant to Be Broken

Okay, so I've just done something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I just did a friends cut. If you can't see this entry, you've been deleted.

It's nothing personal, really. There are just many of you from whom I've grown apart for whatever reason. Some of you don't update your journals at all anymore, and if you do, I don't know about it. Others don't reply to the comments I leave you, and on the rare occasion you do, you leave me wishing I hadn't. More importantly, though, we're just different people than when we were whenever our lives crossed paths, and now that dynamic just isn't there. It's not easy maintaining a friends list of almost 150 people, especially when there are plenty of those I don't even talk to anymore.

There was one other reason I might have removed you, and that is if you've recently created a new journal and no longer update your old one. I just felt it was pointless to keep the old one around.

I'd really appreciate it if you all would please reciprocate and take me off your friends lists. Please don't try to negotiate; I've made up my mind. I'd just like to part with peace.

Finally, I have a last message for people who've added me recently without commenting first. Have you noticed that this is the first entry of mine that you've been able to read ever since you added me? That's because I don't plan on adding ANY of you back until you comment first! I don't care how many friends, interests or communities we have in common. I make it very clear on my profile page and at this entry that if you don't comment before you add me, you're not getting added back. No one is above the rules. As I said to the people I just cut, I'd appreciate it if you either took me off now, or you wander over to that link I just posted, and you leave a comment asking to be friended.

There, I'm done. This is perhaps the longest friends cut entry in history.
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Have a little more

I'll do something along the lines of a "real" update sometime tomorrow. For now, I bring you this late-night meme that I was kind enough to do for willow_diamond:

Ask me anything you want, tell me how you truly feel about me, ask me something you should know but don't, tell me the reason I'm on your flist, tell a secret. Anon commenting is on.
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I got the idea from willow_diamond

I've always wanted to do this! Not to mention I'm a little pressed for good journal topics at this time. This post is also public, another rarity for me.

Truth Meme
Tell the truth. Hit your "anonymous" tag and let it roll. Divulge any secret you like. I will not expose your identity or make any attempt to. Say anything, and I do mean ANYTHING!

Let's have it!
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(no subject)

I've just done a friends cut.

If I removed you, I would greatly appreciate it if you removed me as well.

Nothing personal. It's just that there were several of you that I have either never communicated with or stopped doing so a long time ago.
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