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Some Bonds Are Meant to Be Broken

Okay, so I've just done something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I just did a friends cut. If you can't see this entry, you've been deleted.

It's nothing personal, really. There are just many of you from whom I've grown apart for whatever reason. Some of you don't update your journals at all anymore, and if you do, I don't know about it. Others don't reply to the comments I leave you, and on the rare occasion you do, you leave me wishing I hadn't. More importantly, though, we're just different people than when we were whenever our lives crossed paths, and now that dynamic just isn't there. It's not easy maintaining a friends list of almost 150 people, especially when there are plenty of those I don't even talk to anymore.

There was one other reason I might have removed you, and that is if you've recently created a new journal and no longer update your old one. I just felt it was pointless to keep the old one around.

I'd really appreciate it if you all would please reciprocate and take me off your friends lists. Please don't try to negotiate; I've made up my mind. I'd just like to part with peace.

Finally, I have a last message for people who've added me recently without commenting first. Have you noticed that this is the first entry of mine that you've been able to read ever since you added me? That's because I don't plan on adding ANY of you back until you comment first! I don't care how many friends, interests or communities we have in common. I make it very clear on my profile page and at this entry that if you don't comment before you add me, you're not getting added back. No one is above the rules. As I said to the people I just cut, I'd appreciate it if you either took me off now, or you wander over to that link I just posted, and you leave a comment asking to be friended.

There, I'm done. This is perhaps the longest friends cut entry in history.